Addressing Refund Requests

How Would You Respond?

"Sorry I couldn't attend the event. I need a refund" - ten words we never want to hear from our event-goers. It's terrible to miss out on an event's lights, action, and energy. So, where do you start in justifying (or not justifying) a refund?

A ticket refund guarantee at the point-of-sale is the number one way to address this challenge.  This offers security for their ticket with a small fee in the case that they cannot attend the event.

Ticket refund guarantees are complete win-win-win situation, and here's why:

Win 1: Your customers will have peace of mind to buy way in advance We all know that unforeseen things happen. Weather happens, people catch the sniffles, your kid's skinned her knee on the way home from school. You can't always predict the future. This small piece of insurance is valuable for the unpredictable ticket buyer.

Win 2: You drive a powerful revenue stream to your organization without lifting a finger The ticket refund guarantee automates a pop-up within your online purchase flow. When ticket buyers decide to opt into the guarantee, the amount adds to their total purchase. In turn, your organization keeps a large portion of that fee. Once it's set up, there's nothing you need to do to keep it going. It works with your process, for you.

Win 3 : Your team will never have to let a ticket buyer down by refusing a refund The customer feels empowered to choose. The onus is on them to secure the option and the risk is low. The fee they pay is relative to the price of the ticket, which means the cost of securing the guarantee isn't too high. This is far easier than declining a refund.

A ticket refund guarantee is a successful strategy to ensure you keep your customers happy in the midst of the many reasons for a refund. Adding a refund guarantee option in your ticket purchase flow process is simple and easy. 

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Cat Spencer is a Director at Booking Protect, the global leader in ticket refund protection.