3D Digital Venue Rendering

Bring Your Venue to Life, Digitally!

3D rendering of your venue, building a full 3D experience that's digital and interactive, has a number of different use cases and benefits for your organization. For example,  bringing your venue to life in the online ticket purchase flow is proven to invigorate your audience, help them to choose the best seats (many times leading to an upgrade in seats), and helps to spark the energy of the event experience from the time of ticket purchase. Another example is if you have a capital campaign on the horizon, 3D renderings of your new venue help your donors and investors lean into their commitment and allows your team to lead powerful discussions to support the ask for the investment. Among the various reasons for 3D rendering, the most powerful is the ability to lock in on a collective vision, customize elements of the rendering, and share that vision with various stakeholders to make decisions and imagine the venue without being inside it.

Whether it’s for the purposes of a capital campaign or to integrate into the ticket purchase flow, we knew we wanted to provide this powerful solution to you and we’ve partnered with 3DDV, a leader in interactive digital management solutions, to empower you and your team to bring your venue to life.

3D Digital Venue, powered by MMC, provides Interactive Digital Venue Management Solutions to Sports and Entertainment Venues across the globe. With their 3D Digital Venue technology platform, they design need based solutions for their clients providing them a robust, precise and interactive recreation of their Venue to deliver greater fan satisfaction, increase season ticket holder renewal rates, activate new channels of digital sponsorship and provide special viewing experiences for prospective VIP buyers.

The primary capabilities of their 3D Digital Venue Platform include:

  • Ticketing3D to Enhance Ticket Sales and Fan Purchase Experience using our interactive 3D Seat Views from all Blocks and Seats;

  • 3D Season Tickets achieve higher renewal rates from season ticket holders by offering 360 degree 3D Views of the seats even before existing venue is refurbished or a new stadium is built;

  • Activation3D, an Interactive Environment to activate Measurable Digital Sponsorship by Product Placement inside our 3D Views; and

  • VIP3D, to provide world-class Interactive Experience to prospective VIPs and Corporate Clients with fully 3D Customised views of Luxury Suites and Premium Club Hospitality Areas.

The 3D Digital Venue Platform provides you the most complete, interactive and cutting edge Venue Management Solutions.

Wow your customers with a 3D purchase experience or marketing piece!

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