Success Stories: Vilar Performing Arts Center

February 12, 2016 AudienceView Marketing


Many customers who selected print-at-home as their delivery method arrived at the venue without their tickets. Instead, they had either printed the email confirmation, not knowing it does not serve as a ticket for admission, or arrived with nothing, claiming they had never received their tickets.

The confusion was likely caused by customers who were using print-at-home for the first time and did not yet know their tickets come as an attachment to the confirmation email. Some customers who bought tickets well in advance of the event forgot they selected print-at-home as their delivery method. Others were unaccustomed to digital delivery and missed the email in their crowded inbox.



The system that made print-at-home ticketing possible for VPAC event attendees also provided the solution to eliminate customer confusion.

VPAC staff are now utilizing AudienceView’s Business Intelligence (BI) tool to create lists of customers who have selected print-at-home as their delivery method. Each of these customers receives a reminder email the day before the event they will be attending.

The VPAC system administrator built the original BI query, which is now used for each show, in just 10 minutes. This report is re-run for each show after a staff member spends an additional 10 minutes setting up a correspondence (email template) with the reminder notice. It’s that simple!

“We never had print-at-home and it has been life changing,” said Charlotte Mintz, Project Manager at Vilar Performing Arts Center. “The change in customer behavior presented a new challenge, but it was so easily solved with the powerful and flexible AudienceView solution. This proves that innovation and an improved customer experience go hand in hand.”

VPAC reminder emails alert customers that they selected print-at-home as their delivery method and that tickets were attached as a PDF to their original order confirmation. The emails also inform customers that there is a box office re-printing fee if they do not bring their tickets to the event. This penalty provides enough incentive for customers to avoid the box office and helps keep lines short.


At a Glance

  • Less stress for box office staff on event days
  • Happier customers, who are seated prior to the start of the performance



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