Why Are Film Festivals So Hard to Execute?

September 13, 2016 AudienceView Staff

Film festivals can be one of the most entertaining moments for the city that gets the privilege of hosting them. Hollywood stars descend upon your town as cinemas around the area are blocked off and velvet ropes are hung strategically. But fans who are eager to see these critically-acclaimed films are often left struggling to get tickets, as the most popular movies often sell out the fastest. This is because most festivals rely on a third party for their distribution efforts, which can fragment the process for fans. Sometimes the main festival site will crash during high periods of activity, leaving buyers to start their ticket purchase flow over entirely. 

The issue lies in how many ticketing requirements are present for a simple show. Because of the variety of guests, you could find yourself with venues that require an inventory that has a combination that includes reserved seats and general admissions, not to mention having to account for Press. But when you have the ability to create and manage different types of festival passes, you can define which screenings are eligible for different pass types. For example, you can create a daytime pass that can only be used to book daytime screenings. And with flexible printing options, guests are able to get their ticket painlessly.

The British Film Institute is a cultural institution that oversees a handful of venues across the UK. They needed a way to track the success of each event, including the London Film Festival, in order to find out where they could improve performance. They turned to AudienceView for a way to manage multiple events and venues to find efficiencies. The British Film Institute was able to create a solution in AudienceView that led to a 30% increase in sales year over year. By creating microsites with the appropriate branding, BFI was able to track engagement of each specific program, including the London Film Festival as well as their branded “What’s On” site that deals in overflow inventory.

Selling tickets and managing multiple events are some of the ways AudienceView can help your film festival, but with all this added functionality you're able to sell more than just tickets. The Vancouver International Film Festival redesigned their ticket template to offer visual real estate on each printed ticket. They were able to use this space to highlight their restaurant partners, creating an additional source of revenue along the way.

An increase in demand shouldn’t lead to a decrease in the service you’re providing to fans. While you can build better ticketing setups and create microsites for specific events in order to create a better experience for your fans, you don’t have to rely on Hollywood stars showing up in order to sell your tickets. By taking advantage of your software’s marketing tools, you can analyze customer data and segment it in order to create marketing campaigns and build effective engagement strategies.

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