The Most Important Investment Your Theater Can Make

September 29, 2016 AudienceView Staff

What’s the most important investment you can make in your theater? A new lighting system can illuminate your stage like never before, and new sound technology gives you the ability to let your performers project audio into the far corners of your theater. But a new ticketing technology lets you illuminate and amplify in a new way by helping you reach patrons you never even knew existed.

Technology may not be a tangible investment like improved lighting or WiFi, but it’s one of the most valuable tools you can equip your stadium with. AudienceView gives you the power to get a full view of your fans, and saves you time by automating reports that give you insight into the health of your athletics organization. Read on to see how athletic departments of all sizes have used AudienceView to strengthen their position in the industry.

Take Advantage of Business Intelligence

Create your own reports and queries to help you better understand your fan base, identify sales trends, and improve operational efficiency. 

Schedule Reports and Automate Workflow

Easily generate and distribute industry standard business reports to get an up-to-date reading of your business health.

Use a Single Platform to Manage Content

Manage all ticketing and customer service through a single website with your branding and voice throughout. Manage multiple websites using this tool, all of which feature a responsive design and Google Analytics integration, meaning you can easily track success.

Integrate Your Social Channels for Consistent Messaging

Get the message to where you audience spends most of their time. Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create customer engagement between ticket sales and social media.

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