Micro-Moments: From Skeptic to Believer

June 30, 2015 Nick Begley

It took just a couple of days to transform me from a micro-moments skeptic into a believer. Here’s how it happened…

Scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I saw – then clicked on – a promoted Tweet from Google AdWords (@adwords).  It read: “Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands.”

I spent the next 30 minutes educating myself, but was admittedly skeptical. How dare Google – a massive digital brand – create a new self-serving business buzzword?

Fast forward a couple of days.  I was shopping for new basketball sneakers after joining a men’s league and opted to shop at a trusted brand – a larger US retailer called Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Visiting a bricks and mortar business in itself is a huge step for me. But it was a necessity because I needed to try the sneakers on before buying them.

Here’s how my customer journey unfolded:

  • Browsed the shoe department and zeroed in on a pair of basketball sneakers (no judging!).
  • Micro-moment #1: Sent a text to my brother – a basketball trainer – to ask his opinion about the brand.
  • Tried on the sneakers to see if they fit.
  • Micro-moment #2: Opened my Amazon app to check pricing (they were $30 less in store!).
  • Micro-moment #3: Read several Amazon consumer reviews.
  • Micro-moment #4: Googled the shoe to read a handful of other reviews.
  • Micro-moment #5: Googled the shoe a second time to see if any online retailers offered a better price.

Satisfied that I was getting the best price and had made a good choice, I was set to make my purchase. But before heading to the register, I did one more Google search: Dick’s Sporting Goods in-store coupons (micro-moment #6). The result was a $20 off coupon for purchases of $100 or more.


At that point, I only had $69.99 worth of merchandise in my hand. I could now get an additional $30 worth of items for only $10 more. A couple pairs of socks and a Father’s Day gift for my father-in-law later, and I was standing at the register with $107 worth of merchandise.

My customer journey – based on Google’s research – has become the norm. A highly desirable 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence an in-store purchase decision.

“Mobile has forever changed the way we live, and it’s forever changed what we expect of brands. It’s fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each one is a critical opportunity for brands to shape our decisions and preferences.”

Think with Google@ThinkwithGoogle

The New Battleground for Brands

Micro-moments must be addressed in live entertainment. Otherwise, you risk losing the battle for the almighty dollar entirely or missing out on the opportunity to earn more money per order.

Take action by learning as much as you can about micro-moments, then map their role in your customers’ journey.

Here are five tips to help your organization win with micro-moments:

1. Identify your organization’s micro-moments. Talk to your audience! They are unique to your brand, so ask them when and how they research and make purchase decisions. Approach them in person at events, through questionnaires, surveys and focus groups. The most useful information will come directly from YOUR customers.

2. Deliver the right message. It’s not enough to participate in the micro-moment. Add value by providing relevant content that answers questions or seals the deal to purchase. Having a thorough understanding of terms being searched and the questions being asked will give you the edge.

3. Right place, right time. Your customers consume content on different devices while researching a purchase. Take a holistic, cross-channel approach that includes highly relevant landing pages, SEO, videos, blog posts and more. This will help transition your audience seamlessly from exploration to transaction.

4. Make the sale. Every time. The crucial step from research to purchase must be your focus. Remove all roadblocks related to the transaction – from reducing the number of clicks to optimizing the experience across all devices – in order to make the sale every time.

5. Test and measure. Once you’ve established your micro-moments strategy, test and measure using a cadence that is comfortable for your organization. The only way to get better is to make data-driven decisions, and then to continue to tweak your strategy based on results.

Want to know more about micro-moments and how they can create connections and impact the path to consumer purchases? Ask me!

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