Is Ve Interactive the New Secret Weapon for Theaters?

May 31, 2016 AudienceView Staff

People can be indecisive. Think back to the last time you had your heart set on an item while shopping online, only to change your mind at the last second. Maybe you were distracted, or maybe you talked yourself out of that purchase, but what happens to that abandoned item sitting in your cart? Thanks to the people at Ve Interactive, that item will be the reason that you return to the website and finish your purchase. Ve focuses on engaging customers and driving conversions through three forms of re-engagement: an on-screen overlay message that appears when you try to navigate away from the browser, a real time email highlighting the abandoned item, and dynamic display retargeting that offers you the abandoned item via a banner ad that appears beside your favorite web publication.

Through re-engaging with potential customers by showcasing an items they’ve shown interest in, Ve is able to drive results for AudienceView customers. “Through tailored Display Retargeting & Email Re-engagement campaigns, we can successfully engage lost traffic and recover more abandoned bookings,” says Tara Gear, Head of Marketing for The Ticket Factory. Tara uses Ve to maximize their ticketing revenue and conversions by targeting potentially lost revenue and talking to patron who have abandoned tickets at the last second. “This helps to support our customer retention strategy whilst enabling us to increase attendances at our events,” says Gear.

Dynamic retargeting from Ve allows venues to sell the tickets that have been abandoned by promoting them across publications the consumer’s field of interest. “Through ‘Show-Specific’ retargeting we have been able to recover more lost ticket sales and increase show revenue whilst enhancing overall booker engagement,” says Ben Bruce, Digital Marketing Manager at Ambassador Theatre Group, a global leader in live theatre that owns and operates 46 venues across the UK. When a customer put a ticket for ‘The Lion King’ in their shopping cart but then abandoned the purchase, Ve made sure that advertisements across websites like the Wall Street journal, GQ, and the New York Times would remind the customer of their abandoned tickets.

Getting people to come back to your website isn’t easy, but using their abandoned shopping cart items to entice them makes the task easier to digest. Keeping your production at the top of the consumer’s mind means that you’re able to market to them using collateral you know they’re engaged with. Dynamic re-marketing should be a valuable tool in the belt of any marketing professional engaged with the performing arts, and tools like Ve allow you to take full advantage of it.

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