AudienceView Selected By Jefferson Live!

June 8, 2016 AudienceView Marketing

AudienceView is the new technology partner of Jefferson Live!, the umbrella producing company for the historic Cascade Theatre of Redding, California and the Holly Theatre of Medford, Oregon.

Now live on AudienceView, the Cascade Theatre hosts a wide range of arts and cultural events, including theater, concerts, dance and film presentations.  As a regional cultural hub, the Cascade is home to the Northstate Symphony, Jefferson Repertory Company and Redding City Ballet, and supports the creative work of numerous local and regional cultural organizations.  It seats just over 1,000 patrons and hosts more than 120 events annually.

AudienceView will be launched at the Holly Theatre once its historic $4.3-million renovation project is complete.  With seating for approximately 1,000 patrons and special events space for up to 200, the Holly expects to grow quickly to over 130 events annually.   The re-opening of the Holly will double the organization’s use of the AudienceView platform, which will manage services for venues in two states using one secure database.

All of the functionality in AudienceView is being used by Jefferson Live! to create a remarkable service experience.  These features include integrated online and social ticketing, e-commerce operations, memberships, customer relationship management (CRM), fundraising, in-venue sales, marketing and analytics reporting.  In addition to helping increase revenue, AudienceView is improving service for all patrons, including the loyal members who bought 75% of inventory during membership presales.

“AudienceView is delighted to be supporting the mission of Jefferson Live! and its historic theatres in fostering the arts and enriching the culture of these two communities,” said Maureen Andersen, Vice President of Arts and Entertainment for AudienceView.  “Our technology is having an immediate impact by creating a more efficient environment so that the marketing, ticketing and service  teams can spend more time focused on getting to know their customers, building lasting relationships and creating fantastic experiences that feed lifelong memories.”

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