AudienceView Introduces Unobstructed

March 23, 2020 Tammy Allen

We’ve all seen it, sat in it or sold it. The “obstructed view” seat. These seats have value because they get you in the building for a hot event when nothing else is available, but your ability to take in the full performance is severely limited.

At AudienceView, we understand what it’s like to have this kind of experience, with only some information or a partial view into what’s going on around you. So, we launched our Unobstructed thought leadership brand in service of – and to help inform, engage and educate – the industry that we love. Our aim is to positively impact anyone and everyone who works behind the scenes in live events to ensure that, over the long term, the show will always go on.

We’ll pay homage to ticketing professionals and others who work in all aspects of live entertainment. Bring you subject matter experts, market trends, innovative ideas and a spirit of celebration. All through various channels and mediums, including podcasts, webinars, blog posts as well as insightful industry reports and trends that we are in a unique position to share.

Click here to listen to episode 1 of our podcast!

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