4 Ways to Make Sure You Make Your Nut

July 18, 2016 AudienceView Staff

It takes a lot of resources to put on a successful show, and you aren’t always guaranteed that you’ll make those resources back. In theater, the “nut” is the point where the show breaks even, and it’s calculated for the length of the production, or on a show-by-show basis. Some shows can take months or even years to make their nut. ‘Hamilton’ took over eight months to make its nut, and ‘The Book of Mormon’ did it nine months after the first preview.

The terms derives from the woodland creatures who need to stock up before winter approaches, but for you to calculate your nut you’ll need more than just instinct. By taking advantage of the AudienceView tools, you’ll be able to track your numerous productions as they happen, allowing you to ensure that you reach the break-even point while automating manual processes.

1. Know your costs by running regular reports

When you walk into work on Monday morning, your first task should be to see how you did last week. An automated report means that you don’t need to hunt around for numbers and metrics. An automated report can summarize all of your activities for the previous week, informing you about your progress and allowing you to react quickly to make decisions.

2. See where you stand at any given moment with dashboards

By visually representing your key data, you’re able to keep your business on track through the use of configurable dashboards. It’s the perfect way to analyze large amount of data in a visual way, making it the ideal tool for busy executives.

3. Use specialized landing pages to promote specific shows and offers

When you create targeted and intelligent landing pages, you’re able to market and sell shows in a more effective way. Landing pages can offer special offers for younger audiences, or promote a specific discount for a show. Our landing pages give you the power to configure your layout, and the white label solution means you can maintain your branding on every page. 

4. Take advantage of dynamic content 

Creating custom experiences will help drive purchasing, and by using dynamic content you can make sure you’re presenting the right offer at the right time. Dynamic content means you can drive specific customer experiences using customer and product keywords.

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