3 Ways to Keep Your Subscribers From Getting Bored

August 8, 2016 AudienceView Staff

Your favorite customers are your most important asset, but only when they feel like they’re your favorite customers. Your organization’s mission is to combat attrition, and AudienceView helps you do that by providing your customers with an experience that will keep them coming back.

Brand loyalty is a common metric in the world of sales and marketing, and it should be a common metric in your world too. Keeping your customers coming back will turn them into brand advocates eventually, but you need to make sure that your guests know they’re valued. See how AudienceView can keep your guests engaged.

1. Provide a Seamless Online Shopping Experience

Allow your customers to combine all products into a single shopping cart when they’re purchasing online. You’ll be able to recommend similar events to the ticket buyer based on what they’re going to see. Customers will be able to purchase everything they want as part of a single transaction, so they can have a great purchase experience and don't have to call the box office

2. Create Effective and Targeted Campaigns

Using AudienceView’s dynamic email templates, you can create email marketing campaigns and email communications with your guest’s preferences in mind. You can also schedule one-off and recurring email campaigns, meaning you can talk to your favorite customers in a way that suits them.

3. Sell Beyond the Performance

Merchandise helps your customers have something to remember you by. When you’re looking to create alternative revenue streams, you want to be able to sell event related merchandise, concessions, and services from any sales channels. 

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