12 Signs You've Worked In A Box Office

June 29, 2016 AudienceView Staff

​We have the pleasure of working with hundreds of theater professionals every day. All of these individuals face a myriad of problems every day, but ultimately their work is extremely rewarding as they get to do what they love. We asked some of our favorite clients about the signs that they work in a box office, and the results are below. 

  1. Highway speed signs look like seat numbers. I would see “65” and think “That’s very far out to the side.”  (This was at the CPA where the center numbers are 1 and 2.)
  2. You know you work in a box office when everyone you meet thinks you can get them tickets to any show anywhere anytime!
  3. When you know how to get into house seats in venues other than your own.
  4. When you are at an event at another venue where a double seating is happening near you and you want to step in and help before the ushering staff arrive
  5. Reading upside down does NOT make you weird, and it can be insanely useful.
  6. Knowing that kindness and patience get you better seats. Screaming and yelling get you seats behind a post.
  7. If you are away from the ticket office for any reason, someone will need you desperately at the ticket office.
  8. There are worse things than answering the phone at home with, “Hello, XYZ Box Office, how can I help you today.”
  9. There is always food; someone always has food.
  10. You will end up explaining refund policies, why shows sell out so fast to everyone you know outside of the ticketing world.
  11. You can add up the cash faster than anyone else can at your table in the restaurant or bar.  And you line up the heads on the bills.
  12. If I wake up in the morning thinking about a Business Intelligence I could create in AudienceView, I know it’s time to get up.
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